Sleep Boards and Vacation Benefits

We need to have a discussion. This might feel a bit awkward and we never thought we would have to say this, but: You need to take more time off work. You need a vacation.

There is an epidemic happening right now, we are suffering a culture of “vacation shaming.” We live in a society where employees feel their boss sees them as the work martyr and more than half of all Americans leave vacation days on the table year after year. How sad.

We get it. There is a lot of pressure in the workplace to work diligently and work hard, which translates into work a lot of hours and forgo your vacation days lest ye look bad in the eyes of the boss. All too many people think that working a 60-hour week and never taking a vacation is almost like a badge of honor. Others feel guilty for taking time off.

Here is the problem: You are doing it all wrong. You benefit tremendously when you do take vacations. In fact, you would be surprised at all of the benefits of taking a vacation. We recommend that you take time off, for your own health.

Sleep-A-Board, your source for our famous sleep board, offers the benefits of taking a vacation on a regular basis.

Reduces Stress

Whether you are an established CEO of a Fortune 500 company or an accountant for a small business, everybody needs time off to help relieve stress. Being on vacation affords you the time you need to leave all of your worries and troubles behind.

Better Relationships

Face it, your home life is just as busy and stressful as your work life. You spend your time off work taking kids to and from soccer practice, you are constantly running errands and then you need to fix that leaky faucet.

A vacation gives you and your family the opportunity to leave it all behind. You and the family get to share new experiences and promote a closeness that will last long after you come home.

Newer Perspectives

When you step away from work and take the time to enjoy a sandy beach, you have a whole new perspective when you do come back to work. One study showed that employees who step away from their problems and stresses are bound to get a better perspective and come back with new solutions.

Enhanced Job Performance

Companies that encourage taking time off cut down on turnover rates and increase morale. Employees from companies that encourage vacations report feeling less stressed, more energized and have positive mood swings.

Something to Look Forward to

An empty calendar is like a cake without frosting, quite dull and boring indeed. If you are stuck in the same old routine week after week after week, your life becomes like a cake without frosting. Spice things up by planning a vacation and giving yourself something to look forward to with eager anticipation.

If we have inspired you and you are now planning a vacation, don’t forget to order a sleep board from Sleep-A Board.

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