Our Story

My name is Andy and this is my Family – my Wife of 30 years and four children. They say Necessity is the Mother of Invention.  Well, my work requires me to travel frequently including overnight “red eye” flights.  I am unable to sleep on a plane and the older I get the harder the travel is on my body and the longer it takes me to recover from missing a night of sleep.  

was looking for a way to support my head in the forward position as opposed to trying to put my head on the tray table, leaning against the window or using the neck support pillows which are not comfortable to me.  As passenger space on planes (and most public commuter resources) continues to be reduced I was desperate for a solution.  

My Dad taught me the simpler and less complicated a solution, the better. This product was created to provide a support platform for your head to rest or sleep on when in a seated position with limited space such as on a plane, bus, train, car etc. It is compact, (weighs less than 1 lb.) and designed to be carried in a backpack or similar carrying case and the backpack is then used as part of the support platform (the backpack is placed in your lap and holds the bottom section of the Sleep-A-Board).  

The Sleep-A-Board is a travel pillow that allows backpacks or similar carry-on to be held in the user's lap which frees up leg room and if used while waiting in the Terminal, it keeps your valuables safely cradled in your arms with little ability for someone to walk off with them as you sleep.

This is a neck support pillow that I needed and use.  I am confident that if it works for me, it will work for you as well.

About Us:

The Parent Company for Sleep-A-Board is JPM Group which are the initials of my Dad. He was the most influential person in my life and passed away at a young 51 years of age when I was 21.  He taught me that “can’t” is not a word, simpler is always better and instilled a desire in me to solve problems. He also demonstrated by actions the importance of Loving GOD, putting others first and serving.  As a result, a portion of each Sleep-A-Board purchase will be used to provide clean water to areas in Burkina Faso, Africa.

My desire in Work and Life is to be used by GOD to Bring HIM Glory. I'm not always successful, but it gives Purpose, Hope, Joy and Contentment to My Life. 

Sleep-A-Board is based in Powder Springs, GA and all manufacturing, assembly, and distribution are in the United States.