Turn That Backpack into an In-flight Bed

Turn That Backpack into an In-flight Bed

Being unable to find a comfortable in-flight sleeping position has inspired a lot of inventors to try their hand at creating a better travel pillow.

Sleep-A-Board founder Andy Miller took it further, and designed a bed. The 10.5” x 8.5” x 2” Sleep—A-Board is designed to fit inside a backpack, but extends to 15.5” and projects from the top of the pack to provide a comfortable headrest in the forward-leaning sleep position.

The Sleep-A-Board, which attaches to carry-on size backpacks to provide a head and neck rest for sleeping in the forward-leaning position. Deploy it in flight, on trains and buses, even in terminal or transit station waiting areas. Since the backpack is worn/clutched in front of you, it also protects it from theft so you can enjoy some worry-free shuteye.

Travel Goods Association Showcase Magazine - Spring 2018 Edition

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