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Optional Extra Pillow (Dark Blue)


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Travel Sleep Pillow 100% Polyester Fleece Material with 100% 1 inch thick Polyurethane Foam Padding.

Get a great nap while securing your property!

Sleep-A-Board is a head and neck support pillow that is the perfect travel companion. Compact and designed to be carried in a Backpack or similar carry on, Sleep-A-Board's headrest extends out of the backpack as it is held in the users lap which frees up leg room and keeps your valuables safely cradled in your arms while you doze.

Perfect for the Daily Commuter, Frequent Flier or those long road trips with the kids.

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I had THE BEST naps of my entire trip using my Sleep-A-Board!

I don't usually travel very far, but I just came back from a vacation in Europe which included two, 8+ hour flights. I was 6 hours off my usual time zone and was exhausted. I had THE BEST naps of my entire trip using my Sleep-A-Board...I used it while sitting in the airport waiting for our flights as well as on the plane. Great product! A must-have for your next trip!

I won't be flying again without it!

The Sleep-A-Board was awesome! First time I was able to really get some sleep at the airport and on the plane. I don’t travel by plane all that frequently so I usually get stuck in the middle seat and can never get to sleep there. I tried the Sleep-A-Board on my last flight and was able to get a quick nap at the airport gate before my flight and then some really good sleep time on the plane! So good that I slept through the flight attendants passing out drinks and snacks. The Sleep-A-Board is so easy to use and takes up so little space that I won’t be flying again without it!

Great for relaxation!

Sleep-A-Board is an amazing product that's great for relaxation and comfort on rides such as plane rides.

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